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FAQ & Terms

  • Can you work with a deadline?
    I will work with deadlines as long as it's communicated properly to me beforehand and I feel like I can handle it. I will most likely not accept very tight deadlines.
  • Is there anything you won't draw?
    While I try to be flexible, there are a few things I will not draw under any circumstances. Here's a quick list of things that are completely off limits. - Fanart - NSFW - Excessive gore/violence - Mecha/machinery focused


1 - General

  1. By ordering a commission you, the Client, are agreeing to these terms.

  2.  I, the Artist, reserve the right to cancel/refuse any commission for any reason.

  3. The Terms of Service may be altered at any time. Such alterations will not apply retroactively and won't influence orders started on older terms.

  4. You are responsible for making yourself familiar with these terms.

  5. Clients under 18 years of age must provide contact information to a parent/guardian. The Artist reserves the right to contact the parent/guardian to ensure there are no breach of the Terms of Service and that the Client will be able to pay.

  6. ​The Artist will strive to make the Client as happy and satisfied as possible, but if the Client requires many alterations/revisions to the artwork/writing charges may apply. If the Client is very dissatisfied, they may request a partial refund.

2 - Contact, communication and cancellations

  1. The Artist and Client will communicate through email for finalization of an order. No binding agreement may be made through other mediums like instant messengers, public forums, comments, social media, etc.

  2. If, at any point during the commission, the Client fails to give a response within two weeks the commission may be cancelled. If payment has been made in full or part, full or partial refunds are left to the Artist's discretion depending on amount of work already completed.

  3. The Artist reserves the right to stop working on a commission or cancel a commission at any time due to poor communication, rude/inappropriate behavior, an inability to effectively communicate in the English or Norwegian language or breach of these Terms of Service. In such cases, a refund is not guaranteed and is an exception to 6.5.

3 - Ordering and delivery

  1. The commission will be delivered over email or through an online download location in a .jpeg or .png format. This does not include commission native files (e.g .psd or .kra) unless otherwise agreed upon. Literary commissions will be delivered through Google Docs or directly through email.

  2. ​When ordering, the Client will supply an easy to understand written description at the very least of what they want created. 

  3. The Client must inform the Artist of any deadlines. Extra charges may apply.

  4. If the Client want progress updates, which is available for everything except for sketches, the Client will have to specify so before work is started.

4 - Content

  1. The Artist will not create any depiction of sexually explicit (i.e pornography, simulated sex) materials, fetish work or anything of hateful/racist nature. Some exceptions apply to literary works.

  2. ​The Artist will not create fanart (i.e portraying a copyrighted character without the owners permission) and reserve the right to refuse any commission where the ownership of the character is uncertain.

  3. The Client, except in cases of 'artistic license', should already have a good idea of what they would like to order. Clients that do not have a basic idea of their order already in mind may be refused.

5 - Display, usage and rights

  1. ​By commissioning, the Client is purchasing the Artist's labor only. The Artist retains all rights to the artwork itself, which includes but is not limited to; distribution, reproduction, use of the commission for Artist promotion (e.g profiles, personal space, public space, etc). 

  2. A Client may purchase full rights to a piece of artwork. Pricing comes at a case-by-case basis.

  3. The Artist has no claim of ownership on the character(s) depicted with a few exceptions (i.e the Client requests to have a character belonging to the Artist in an image or requests material of the Artist's characters). 

  4. The Client may not distribute, reproduce or otherwise profit from the commission. 

  5. The Client may not edit, alter, trace or change in any way the commission without the Artist written permission, though minor adjustments may be made to literary works. Exceptions done for specific cases mentioned in 5.8.

  6. Under no circumstances may the Client submit a commission to a contest.

  7. The Client may use the commission for non-commercial, non-promotional purposes only. 

  8. The Client may resize or crop the artwork to create icons, wallpapers and background for private use only. The Artist's signature should be visible in all such icons, wallpapers and backgrounds.

6 - Pricing and payment

  1. Base prices are subject to change at any moment. Prior agreement/orders will continue operating at the price relevant at time of order.

  2. All payments must be made through Paypal or deviantART points (only if applicable to the type of commission). Clients residing in Norway with access to the VIPPS app may use this for payment.

  3. Full payment is required before work will begin with the exception of payment plans or other agreements.

  4. Full refunds are only issued before the start of work on any order.

  5. The Artist reserves the right to cancel a commissions for any reason even if it has been paid. In such cases, the Client will receive a full refund.

  6. Payment will not be sent until the Artist has accepted the commission. 

  7. All payments are listed in USD and should be paid as such with the exception of Clients using the VIPPS app for payment (Norway only).

  8. The Artist reserve the right to cancel a commission if it has not been paid for in a timely manner.

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